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CSV Upload

Alow the table to be exported to CSV or Excel

Go further back in time

Go further back in time to capture more weeks and even compare to last year

More labels

Make it clearer what the data means

Explain dates/booking windows

Explain the date windows in more detail e.g. the impressions and age views is based n the previous 90 days of searches looking 90 days into the future


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Feedback / Suggestions

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User chooses date ranges

Can the user change the arrival window (Airbnb fixes the search window)

Is there a mobile app?

Can I do this on my Iphone, Ipad or Android Device

Same thing for VRBO

Can this be done for my VRBO account?

Supply Information

Can you show future supply e.g. number nights available in the next 90/180 days

Last year view

Include the data snapshot from a year ago to see how things stood same time last year

Hyperlink title to Airbnb listing

Can the title link to my listing on Airbnb

Same thing for booking

Does BDC have useful insights?

Multiple Views

Different views for 30/90/180 future windows

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