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What is the SuccesSTR Google Extension all about

Are you tired of spending precious hours manually accessing data and analyzing performance for your Airbnb listings?

Introducing the SuccesSTR Google Chrome Extension, a game-changer designed specifically for short-term rental hosts and managers like you. Crafted by two seasoned tech and hospitality experts, boasting a combined experience of over 30 years, this extension is set to transform the way you manage your Airbnb properties. Say goodbye to the hassle and hello to valuable insights at the touch of a button. So, what can the SuccesSTR extension do for you? Let's explore the highlights:

  1. Uncover Performance Metrics in a Snap: With the SuccesSTR extension, you can quickly assess your host performance metrics, such as Search Page Impressions, search page impression share, and click-through rates to your listing page. No more guessing if your listings are getting the exposure they deserve on the coveted first page. Stay ahead of the game and ensure optimal engagement and click-throughs to your listing detail page.

  1. Track Your Progress with Ease: Our extension presents your data in a simple, intuitive format, allowing you to track your week-over-week progression effortlessly. Witness firsthand how your listings are improving their share on these crucial metrics. Stay informed, adapt your strategies, and watch your success soar. Included in the latest version is a 51 week

ago lookback to provide hosts with a year-over-year comparison.

  1. Comprehensive Booking Insights: Beyond impression and engagement numbers, the SuccesSTR extension also provides invaluable data on the number of bookings per week. Monitor your booking trends and make data-driven decisions to maximize your occupancy rates and revenue. Keep a pulse on your listings' review scores to ensure exceptional guest experiences.

  1. Plan Ahead with Confidence: In our latest release, we've added a powerful feature that offers a forward availability view. Now, you can quickly gauge the number of nights still available in the next 90 days. This invaluable foresight empowers you to optimize your pricing, availability, and marketing efforts for maximum profitability.

The SuccesSTR extension is available in different configurations, catering to your unique needs. The best part? If you have up to four listings, you can enjoy the benefits of this extension absolutely free! Don't miss this incredible opportunity to supercharge your Airbnb hosting experience. Visit the Google Store or head over to to unlock the full potential of the SuccesSTR Google Extension. Your success as an Airbnb host awaits!

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