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What defines good numbers on Airbnb

Below is a question from a host (On Reddit) and my response.

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- Very low conversion rate for our new Airbnb

He guys, so this is our numbers for Airbnb below. Actually, the new conversion rate is %0.28. if I am not mistaken, airbnb lowers your ranking with low conversion rates? anyhow, we are new to Airbnb and have been on it for 1 month. The issue is, when we first started, we barely had pictures because we were waiting on furniture and needed a listing to get approved by the city. What are tyour thoughts? Average search to listings seems a bit low as well correct? In addition, is this pretty normal when you first start out? It wont let me edit my post, so had to post here below. thanks for insights. 0.68% Average overall conversion rate 52.9% First-page search impression rate 17.35% Average search-to-listing conversion 3.92% Average listing-to-booking conversion

Our response

Before we share our response this is how SuccesSTR Google Chrome Extension helps hosts to access this information with a single mouse click.

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SuccesSTR Google Chrome Extension

These numbers are actually pretty good.

However, you do get a rank boost during the first few weeks after go-live so don't be surprised if your first-page impression share drops after the first month.

For more details on the AIrbnb honeymoon period click here

And don't be surprised if your first page impressions fluctuate week over week depending on your future availability (hard to show up if there is nothing to sell) and seasonality - a drop in demand plus an increase in supply.

Once you are getting clicks from the search results page then imagine the potential guest in front of their laptop with ten browser tabs open.

You have made it to the shortlist and what will tip them over the edge to make them pick your property?

Your subsequent photos, reviews (and your responses), and listing descriptions become more important. Price is also a big factor decide if you want to be the first, or last unit of the ten to get booked. Book first and you may have left money on the table.

Wait too long and well 100% of zero is zero!

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