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SuccesSTR Version 0.0.3 Released

May 28th 2023

We are pleased to share that the latest version (0.0.3) is now live in the Google Store with some great enhancements.

These include

  • Improve look, feel, and spacing

  • The extension now provides a look back to the same time last year (it is a snapshot from the same time 51 weeks ago).

  • We have included for the first time availability data showing the number of nights available in the next 90. This should help hosts understand how their supply (availability) metrics feed into their views and impressions

  • We have added tooltips to help hosts understand how the data is represented

  • Links to your Airbnb listings - click on the listing name and you will be taken to a new tab of your account and your public listing page so you can quickly make sense of your stats with your listing in front of you.

  • We have also expanded the content in our blog section with more articles to help hosts take the most effective actions as they see their listing performance week over week

A big thank you to all of the hosts that made suggestions many of which are in this release or planned for the future, please keep them coming and please keep providing feedback so we can continue to improve.

If you find the extension useful please share it amongst your network of hosts and managers.


David & Ben


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